May 14, 2011

It has been too nice outside for me to sit inside and knit. My bike has been calling to me every sunny day. However I do have three projects on needles that I really should finish. I think I will pick up my first toe up sock again.

February 14, 2011

Knitting calmer

Flowers are pretty, but working at a florist shop during Valentines week is insanely busy, stressful, and sort of depressing.The worst was today, Valentines Day. I spent half of my day on the phone explaining to procrastinators that our delivery schedule for Valentines Day had been full since the 12th. I spent the other half running up and down stairs while trying to keep up with a erratic heavy flow of customers buying last minute flowers.
My back was aching, my feet hurt, and my mind was mush. The minute I stepped out of the door to go home I felt the stress slowly rolling off of me. All I could think about was getting home relaxing and knitting. Just thinking of the sound of my wooden needles clicking together and the feel of the yarn in my hands made me joyous. I feel truly lucky to have such a relaxing hobby.

January 31, 2011

More Snow????

My area has been getting snowstorms on a weekly basis since Christmas. Things are getting pretty dicey here. Snow is pretty but there really is way too much here. We usually get a few snow storms in a winter, not in a months time. We are preparing for 6 inches of snow tomorrow and a big storm the next day. May my shovel be strong.

Here is a photo of the snow banks around my house caused by falling snow and shoveling.

January 26, 2011

Over Stash

I went crazy at the yarn store recently. I couldn't help myself, everything was so pretty. My stash has now grown beyond it's capacity and is slowly taking over the spare room in my bedroom closet. Luckily about 50% of my new acquisitions are for planned projects.

However it was clear that I needed to stop buying and start making. In the spirit of this I decided to take another stab at crochet. That damn little hook always confused me but somehow two pointy sticks made sense. I am happy to report that I have conquered that little hook!

I look forward to watching my stash grow into some beautiful creations.

January 1, 2011

I didn't knit many gifts this year. I made a beautiful scarf for a friend but forgot to take a picture of it before I gifted it. I used the Covetable Cable Scarf pattern by Lion Brand Yarn. It came out beautiful using a light green for 50% of the work then switching to a dark mossy/brown green for the rest.

The other knitted gift I made led to my husband screaming 'thats awesome'. He is a huge fan of the Firefly series and loves Jane Cobb's odd hat. So I found a pattern and made it into an ornament. The cool thing about making a Jane hat is that any mistakes a knitter makes just makes it more endearing. After all this was a strange hat hand knitted by Jane's mom and is not perfect.

What my cats did while I knitted for the holidays.

December 16, 2010

Christmas Rush

It's a week before Christmas and I am really hoping for some snow. Just enough to cover the ground and stick to the trees would be awesome. I hear that my area may be getting a snow storm this weekend, so I am doing my snow dance.

In knitting news I haven't been knitting lately because I have been seduced by an early Christmas present. My awesome husband gave me a Kindle and I can't stop reading! However, I must put the pedal to the floor to finish up a knitted gift.

Once my holiday knitting is done I will be tackling making my first set of gloves.

November 24, 2010

Work it!

I was approached last week to knit scarves for sale at the little flower shop I work at. I was very suave until I got home and told my husband. This is one of my dreams! Luckily I actually have few holiday projects this year so I have more time to knit scarves. Needless to say, almost all of my free time has been devoted to knitting now. Last weekend I watched a Harry Potter marathon at home and knitted to my hearts content. (Totally knitting unrelated, I did see the new HP movie on Saturday and loved it.) The only caveat to knitting so often is my two cuddly cats who get very interested in my scarves when they begin to get long. Apparently scarfs look a lot like awesome cat nap blankets while I am knitting them.