November 8, 2010

Holiday Knitting

I hope everyone is getting into the holiday knitting mood early.

I have officially finalized my choices for holiday projects. I found to be one of the best places to start looking for my holiday projects. All the patterns I chose also happened to be free on the site. Double win!! I would love to share the patterns I picked and my progress. However, I don't want anyone having any inkling of what they are getting for holidays. I do promise to post finished photos once the holidays have passed.

Ohh, and to all the crazy ass drivers out there. It's not even crazy holiday traffic time yet. Why are you driving like it is? I shouldn't have to honk at you for lane drifting on the highway for the fourth time.

1 comment:

  1. None of family can be bothered to glance at my blog so I'm free to post what I'm making.

    The holiday insanity starts earlier and earlier every year. I blame the stores that put out the Christmas stuff out before Halloween is even here.